Overview of Services Offered:

For more information about Vocational Rehabilitation Services, eligibility requirements and an application for services please click on the link below.


During Intake, the Vocational Specialist will explain all the documents required by accreditation process as well as all regulatory agencies and OOD, to the consumer in addition to providing answers to all questions of the consumers regarding any documentation. A copy of the Mission Statement, Participants Handbook, and participants Rights will be provided to the consumer during the intake process. This material will be provided using a person centeres philosophy and will also be accessible in an accommodated format to meet the individual needs of the consumer.

Community Based Assessment

A community based assessment is a process, based on a real or simulated work experience. It is designed to gather information anout the participant that will assist in determining vocational direction for the participant. The end results are based on evaluation through observation of the participants physical capacities and vocational data with realistic vocational options which exist in the labor market.

Job Seeking Skills Training

JSST focuses on instruction of the skills and behaviors needed to secure and maintain employment. These skills include, but are not limited to, computer use in job search, interviewing skills, resume and cover letter development, and appropriate networking skills.

Job Development and Placement

This service provides a supportive collaberation between the participant and a vocational specialist designed to assist the participant in locating, securing, and maintaining employment. The participant is expected to be an active participant in theis service by working diligently to secure employment. The vocational specialist will assist the participant to develop an active networking and employer contact list and utilizing all means of public job search available.

Job Coaching

This service is designed to assist the participant with appropriate work keeping behaviors. These services will be presented through one on one instruction and support to the participant while in a real work experience. The duration of this service is determined on an individual basis and subject to OOD counselor approval.

Job Retention

This service is designed to give the participant extra support and instruction after the participant has secured employment.  These services will be delivered by the vocational specialist through on site visits to the place of employment, supports needed to assist the participant to maintain and be successful in employment.

Pre-Employment Transition Services

These services are intended to help students with disabilities, as early as age 14, who could benefit from an early start in exploring career interests. The five services include Job Exploration Counseling; Work-Based Learning; Counseling on Post-Secondary Opportunities; Workplace Readiness Training; and Instruction in Self-Advocacy.  For more information on these services please see the links below: