Why should you hire people with disabilities?

WHY hire people with disabilities?

People with disabilities represent a large, untapped population of job seekers. As an employer you may not be aware of all of the benefits of employing people with disabilites. These unique individuals haveproven to be DEPENDABLE and RELIABLE workers that have POSITIVE effects on the work environment. By hiring people with disabilities you are promoting an INCLUSIVE work environment.

What  can we do for you?

Blue Sky Employment Consulting LLC can help you hiring process and thus improve your bottom line by connecting you with a source of QUALIFIED workers. If you have positions to fill, Blue Sky Employment Consulting LLC can match qualified candidates to your available employment opportunities.

Benefits to Your Business:

Qualified Employees

We will present the employer with individuals who are eager to work and have been carefully selected to meet your specific workplace needs.

Retention Services

At Blue Sky Employment Consulting LLC we strive to ensure the success of the individuals who obtain employment. A Vocational Specialist will provide the support needed to ensure a successful experience for both the individal as well as the employer.

Dependable Workers

Statistics show that individuals with disabilities generally stay with jobs longer, reducing expensive employee turnover.

Facts About Our Services:

There is no cost connected to either the individual or the employer, for the services provided.

No paperwork for the employer to complete.


Complete access and support from vocational specialist during the initial hire period as well as into the beginning stages of employment.

Support and ease in your hiring process. Employer Tax Credit Incentives.